Special Notice Regarding COVID-19

For many people, the presence of Coronavirus has meant spending a lot more time in our homes. As we adapt to changing circumstances outside, our use of home space may shift with our changing needs. For some, remaining safe at home meant re-thinking and re-purposing private and public areas of the house, perhaps improvising an office or project space, or recognizing that an indoor-outdoor room – with a doggie door – would make frequent family congregations a lot more fun. Many homeowners are now thinking differently about how houses shape – and reflect - our lives and are ready to make changes.

As you consider remodeling choices, you can be confident that at BP our highest priority is the safety of our team – considered our extended family - and our clients. All BP employees actively mitigate the spread of coronavirus by protecting themselves and workspaces in accordance with CDC guidelines. Our team members wear facemasks; carefully clean and sanitize jobsites each day; wash their hands often; and are equipped with hand sanitizer and sanitizing cleaners. We keep up with the most recent safety information about Covid-19 to make certain that we all consistently engage in “best practices” on our job sites and when interacting with clients. If you have questions about how your remodeling project will be managed safely, we’re happy to give you a detailed description.