BP Remodeling wants to be your contractor for life. Whether you need a small repair or it’s now time for that long-awaited major remodeling project, we believe in “Constructing Relationships.” The connections we form with our clients, employees and contractors are what we treasure most, and we believe these relationships give us the ability to meet our highest goals: Providing exceptional customer experiences and producing exceptional quality work.
We are a professional residential remodeling and repair company with many areas of expertise. From our half-day handyman services to full-house remodels and additions, we have the experience to deliver value and high-quality service on all your home improvement projects.













Our People

BP team members are all talented professionals. They are also personable and honest. “Character” is the most important attribute we consider when selecting our team members, so we choose individuals based not only on their quality craftsmanship but also on their integrity and reliability. We’ve devoted years to carefully assembling our team of employees and contractors, and we’re proud to work with them. “Building Relationships” with clients depends on the strong relationships we have built through our family-like business.

It’s Your Home First, Our Workplace Second

Entering a client’s home is a privilege, and we appreciate the invitation! Respecting our clients’ property and wellbeing is crucial to goodwill – and it’s also basic good business practice. Our jobsites are safe, clean, and orderly. We take great care to protect your home from dust and damage by hanging plastic to protect other areas from dust; filtering the air with the BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber, which dramatically reduces airborne jobsite dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space; protecting flooring with tarps or ram board; cleaning the jobsite regularly throughout the project; and providing professional cleaning at the end of remodel projects. Our work isn’t done until your home is clean. After all, the next time you invite a contractor into your home, we want you to call BP.

Please read our statement about the special work safety practices we’ve implemented due to Covid-19.


BP’s motto is “Building Relationships,” so we believe communication is the most important factor in customer service. We’ve worked hard to develop great listening skills and exemplary methods of communication. Excelling at communicating with clients, employees, and contractors enables us to manage projects with clarity and purpose – and without misunderstandings. We thrive on positive attitude and do our utmost to keep our clients happy.
We use BuilderTrend construction management software to support our projects. BuilderTrend provides our team with 24/7, real-time access to project status. The program also gives you the option of using BuilderTrend to share communication with us, including managing material selections, sharing photos, approving, or declining change orders, and even making online payments. And if you prefer chatting by phone – we do that, too!

  • Your project flow timeline chart will show you what to expect from the start of your project through its completion.
  • Daily and weekly meetings with your project manager will ensure you always know the current status of your project.
  • We promptly notify you if schedule changes are necessary
  • We confirm appointments so you know when to expect us.

NARI Member

We are an active member of our local Tucson chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Not all remodelers are created equal: NARI remodelers are trusted, experienced, highly qualified, ethical, and dependable business owners who will get your project done right. We obtain the proper permits, carry the proper insurances, follow the local codes, and design innovative solutions to renovate your home. We hope you’ll call us, but if you don’t -- please do call another NARI member!

Click here to learn more about why you should use a NARI Remodeler.

Outstanding Warranty Service

Even Babe Ruth struck out occasionally. While we aim to get it right the first time, since we are human, we occasionally make mistakes. We don’t like mistakes because we are proud of our work. So, not only do we stand behind our projects with an industry leading 5-year warranty on our workmanship, we also strive to make the warranty process as painless as possible. If you’re unhappy about any work we have done, call us and we will make it right!